Seated massage for your home, office or event


Do you enjoy the benefits of massage but don't always have the time to commit to it?


Do you find it awkward to undress in an unfamiliar place when you get a massage, or wish you didn't have to undress at all?


Need to get back to your day after a massage without feeling or looking like you just woke from a nap?


Welcome to Chair-apy!


Chair-apy offers seated massage therapy that comes to your home or workplace. 

Chair-apy can also be an ideal offering at events and fundraisers. Contact Michele at Chair-apy for rates and scheduling. 


You can also visit your Chair-apy massage therapist at the Farmer's Market in Newport, Oregon on Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Call or Text (541) 961-4897

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